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Welcome to North Presentation Secondary School, Farranree, Cork. We are an all girls CEIST secondary school with a long and proud tradition of serving...

Our Curriculum

We provide the full range of programmes available from the Department of Education and Science – Junior Certificate, Junior Certificate Schools Programme, Transition Year, Leaving Certificate,...

Our Services

The school has a wide variety of integrated support services available which are matched to both individuals and groups...

School Calendar 2011-2012

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The school calendar is based on the “Standardised School Year” which in which the Department of Education has fixed the closures for midterm breaks and other holiday periods. Details of other events which occur during the year are also included in order to provide parents with advance notice of relevant school activities.

  • First Term (80 Days) -Mon 29th August to Thurs 22nd December 2011
  • Second Term (63 Days) -Mon 9th January to Fri 30th Mar 2012
  • Third Term (24 Days) -Mon 16th April to Fri 1st June 2013
  • Total Term Days - 167 Days
  • School opens -Mon 29th August 2011
  • October Mid Term -Mon 31st to Fri 4th November
  • Christmas Holidays -Fri 23rd December to Fri 6th January 2012
  • February Mid Term -Mon 13th February to Fri 17th February 2012
  • Easter Holidays -Mon 2nd April to Fri 13th May
  • Last day of school year -Fri 1st June 2012